Club Awards

Club Awards

Every player that comes down to Phoenix deserves an award for the level of commitment each player shows on and off the field.

Certain players though go above and beyond others and consistently have showed outstanding effort in each individual area.

These people are listed below:

Club Awards 2016-2017

Best Newcomer- Luca Piemontesi
Over the last season Luca joined the rugby club and has had a stormer of a season. His playing ability along with his passion and commitment has been fantastic.

Veteran of the year – Nigel Coltman
Nigel, a player with a vast amount of experience has continued to support the 1st team as well as the 2nds in offering advice and guidance to new players coming through. His commitment and will to give advice to fellow team mates has been outstanding.

2XV Player of the Year- Russell Golder

Over the last season Russell has really stepped up his game. His commitment and playing skill has come a long way from when he first started two seasons ago. He remains to be a key asset to the team.

Young Player of the Year- Frank Alderman
Frank who joined Phoenix last season has really proved himself to be a great player. He soon found himself playing in the 1st team mainly as scrum half. His playing skill has been great and has been a key player to the team.

1XV Player of the Year- Jason Townsend
Jason a key player to the 1st team has really stepped up his game this season. Jason playing in a new position at fly half this season has showed his al round playing ability and rugby knowledge and led the back line. From the outset he gained promotion as Vice-Captain and is a key player who offers guidance to new and other players. A key asset to the team.

Presidents Trophy- Junior Sections
Chairman, Ken Nathan decided the Presidents Trophy this year should be awarded to the junior sections. Over the last season the juniors have had a stomer through all age groups. Each section has grown and developed in particular the Under 15’s, coached by Les Philpott and Alan Carey so much so they will be entering the Berkshire league going into next season.

Players Player- Michael Andrews
Michael joined the club at the start of the season and really has a real key player to the 1st team. His ability and aggression he offers every week is fantastic. The passion he has as well win or lose is great. A key asset to the team.

Clubman of the Year- Russell Golder
Over the last season Russell has drove the club forward with its social, media, recruitment and other areas for the good of the club , he has introduced new players to the club which this season has strengthen the seconds. His will to be on hand for any advice and encouragement to fellow players has been awesome, he has managed to create a very good rap our with his team mates .He has given support throughout the club whenever needed, a just award to a dedicated player.

Director of Rugby Special Awards- Jamie Willis, John Kilby, Paul Hilling, Thomas Porter
Each individual above has a vast amount of experience and offers key skills within the 1st team. The individual’s knowledge has guided new players that have taken the step up to the 1st team. They are all very committed to the team and have remained positive through tough times.

2XV Managers Award- Nigel Barton
Nigel is a person who is 100% committed every week. As a player he offers guidance to new players coming through into the 2nd team and is a key part to the team. He is always very keen to find out how players are getting on with playing, he offers any help or advice he can give. A person you can always rely on. Nigel loves to play rugby and never moans where he is picked to play, he turns up nearly every single week, and even has had the odd game for the opposition if they are short , a player who shows true passion for the game.

Club Awards 2015-2016

Best Newcomer- Austin Leavy
Austin has had a phenomenal season. A truly great player who throughout the season has played a huge part in Phoenix’s success. A player who has scored over 20 tries for the 1st team as well as achieving the title as 1st team Vice-Captain. In a short space of time he has achieved a great deal.

Veteran of the year -John Winters

John who has been an established first team player for many years has shown his ability and has been yet another inspiration in the team’s success this season, a player who has worked hard on match days as well as on training nights.

2XV Player of the Year- Stephen Hyland
Stephen Hyland, what can I say as 2nd Team Manager. A young immerging player who is his first season in senior rugby has shown he will be a great asset to the club. Throughout this season he has shown a great amount of dedication to the club. Commitment to training and match days and his skill has seen him achieve a place in the 1st team. A player so young to achieve his 1st team place is an achievement in itself and again his first season playing for Phoenix.

Young Player of the Year- Charlie Russell
Charlie Russell who started in our 2nd Team has been another player that has achieved a great deal in a short amount of time. As a player his speed and aggression for the game found himself to soon be playing 1st team. Truly great player.

1XV Player of the Year- Tom Porter
Presidents Trophy-Tom Porter

Tom being the first team captain has once again led the side from the front ,a former prop forward who has now converted to the back row , has shown what an inspiration he has become always involved in the action and scoring numerous try’s for his team .

Players Player- Bradley Coomber
Bradley has been a big influence in the sides success this season , showing what a talent he is with his lazy running and his ability to ghost through the would be tacklers .Yoda which is his nick name by his team mates has had an outstanding season .

Clubman of the Year- Les Philpott
Les Philpott who over the season has shown great dedication to the club through the fun day that will be coming up in June as well as through the junior section 13-15. With a team that is now around 16 players this team will be the new colts for Phoenix which we haven’t seen in years. His commitment and dedication is second to none and is a worthy winner.

1XV Managers Award- James Dixon
James Dixon who has been involved with the club for many years re-established his first team place and has shown commitment to the squad on game days as well as on training always encouraging his fellow team mates. James has shown his qualities as the first team pack leader, A role model to new players coming into the club.

2XV Managers Award- Alex McKeown
Alex McKeown who joined our 2XV last season has had a fantastic season. As a player throughout all games played he has always kept a calm head and through him has inspired other fellow team mates. In this season he has been identified as someone who can be a leader and the great skill he has is his positivity, whether we as a team win or lose he always sees the positives in people. In time I can see him captaining one of the sides at Phoenix. A truly great player and leader.

Club Awards 2014-2015

Veteran Player of the year: Nigel Coltman
A regular first team player who travellers from the outskirts of Oxfordshire Nigel was awarded the Veteran Player of the year. His contribution and knowledge to the team has guided our younger players throughout the first and also the second team squad.

Most Improved Player: Sean Flynn
Sean, who never played rugby before until joining Phoenix started in our 2nd team squad and quickly moved up to our 1st Team and over the season has shown major improvement to his playing skill and ability.

First Team Player Of The Year: Jamie Willis
Jamie, A player who contributes week in week out is a true asset to the first team squad. A player who is gradually adopting a skill to guide younger players throughout the teams and a player who skill is to a high quality.

Second Team Player Of The Year: Mark Harper
Mark, A regular second team player and on occasions first team player who commits his time week in week out has shone through this season with his playing skill through game play. A true asset to the second team squad and for the younger players.

Players Player Of The Year: Tom Porter
Tom, I can’t think of any other person who deserves this award more than him. A Captain who travels from Ealing every week for training and playing every Saturday Tom is a key role model/player for all our players. He holds a great deal of respect amongst the players and is a key asset to the whole club.

Club Man Of The Year: Russell Golder
Over the last season I have tried by best to drive our club forward with its social, media, recruitment and other areas for the good of the club and this is the reason for the award. Every player, family member, supporter is important to our clubs success and I hope that I can continue helping the club for years to come.

Presidents Cup: Paul Hilling
Paul, Last Season took on being our fixtures secretary as well as continuing his playing for our First Team. A person who commits his time week in, week out and is always on hand to offer support as well as organising those really late in the week games so we can make sure both our teams run out. Another key asset to the club as well as the team.


Ron Jones Presidents Trophy
Ron has been with Phoenix from virtually the start and every weekend gives his time up to support the club through and through. A experienced former player who is fantastic to have around to give support and guidance to the new and current players at Phoenix.

Andrew Brench Clubman Of The Year
Andrew again is another player who has been with the club for many years. Andrew consistently gives up his time not only for the senior 2nd team but training and for the Junior Section. Always 100% committed Andrew is a valuable asset to the club and the players.

John Kilby Most Improved First Team Player
John has shown constant improvement every time he goes on the field to play. He has a natural ability at the game and this has only grown by the support and guidance he has received from the players. Another key asset to Phoenix and hope it continues for many years to come.

Scott Reed 2nd XV Team Managers Trophy
Scott is another key player on the field and shows a lot of commitment and dedication. He has played with the club for many years and continues to support the team at Phoenix.

Paul Byrne 2nd XV Team Players Player
Paul is a huge asset to Phoenix through playing on and off the field. He has been with the club for many years. He constantly is supportive to every player and is a person you are able to gain valuable knowledge from. His game play is strong and definitely deserves this award. A committed player every single week without fail.

Tom Porter 1st XV Team Players Player
Tom has fantastic knowledge in each area of the game. Currently he is the Captain for the 1st team and does and continues to do a fantastic job. He is supportive to all his players every week and commits every week. A true asset to Phoenix Rugby club and will always be.

Sean Flynn 2nd XV Player Of The Year
Sean is a key player to every team at Phoenix. He mainly plays for the 2nd XV team but has also played for the XI team. His game play is extremely strong and always shows 100% commitment on the field and through the club.

Edd Dibb 1st XI Player Of The Tear
Edd is an extremely valuable asset to the club. He plays for our XI team but also helps with the coaching down at Phoenix. He has helped many players at the club reach there full potential and is a key figure in offering support and guidance to game play. He also helps out in other areas to the club and generally is a key part to Phoenix.

James Richardson Vet Player Of The Year
James is a fantastic player and is a person who gives a lot of time to the club. Not only does he play but also he helps with the social aspects to Phoenix. He supports every player with the club and is a valuable asset.

Tony Golder Special Award For Services To The Club
Tony has been with Phoenix Rugby Club for many years. A former player who played for Phoenix 1sts, Phoenix 2nds is now the 2nd XV team manager. Tony always puts Phoenix first and definitely has a place in his heart. He supports and welcomes every player member in the club and is an extreme asset to the club.

Chris Vaughn Special Award For Services To The Club
Chris is commitment and dedication to the club is amazing. The 2nd XV player gives up his time every week not only for the senior section but for the Junior side. His work has been amazing for the club and definitely deserves the award.